What are corrugated metal sheaths used for?

Corrugated metal sheaths are used for various jobs, but the most common and standard ones are the following: for use in foundations to join columns to footings, for housing cables used in post-tensioning and for the creation of cavities or openings to allow for the passage of certain subsequent installations.

Vainas metálicas para cimentaciones, anclajes y estructuras prefabricadas

Characteristics of the corrugated metal sheath

Especially dsigned for connection with concrete, the sheath is a corrugated metal tube, either circular or rectangular. It is mainly used to join elements of prefabricated concrete.

In addition to guaranteeing adherence with concrete due to its undulated grooves or shapes, it is also an element that protects against corrosion, given that the sheath is manufactured out of galvanized strip. This treatment provides a second layer of protection for prefabricated elements that are exposed to moisture.

Vainas metálicas para cimentaciones, anclajes y estructuras prefabricadas

Instructions for the correct installation of metal sheaths

To use these sheaths correctly, the following points must be kept in mind:

  • Position the template for installation of the sheaths.
  • At the bottom end, a cover for the indicated diameter must be installed. This will prevent concrete from entering.
  • Fastening of the sheaths using spacers or a framework. These elements are in charge of ensuring the position of the sheaths and preventing them from shifting.
  • Pour concrete in the footing or concrete element up to the top of the sheath. For these types of jobs, we recommend installing a cover at the top part.

Personalised supply on request

At MTT-MAXIM we have a wide variety of diameters for corrugated metal sheaths, ranging from 20 mm to 300 mm, and with a permanent stock available.

All sheaths have a standard length of 3000 mm, but at MTT-MAXIM we can supply the desired lengths for any project.

Upon request, we offer the possibility of supplying large diameters, in addition to permanent box-out shutters, with or without a cover.

Our team will provide you with personalized answers to your questions, free of charge. Contact us now, and we’ll clear up any doubts.

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