What are Chamfer Strips and Profiles used for?

Chamfer strips are used to create chamfered edges on concrete elements, thereby not only serving an aesthetic function but also preventing the breakage of unnecessary sharp edges. Another common function is that of making a “false joint”, either on precast elements or for use with formworks on site.

Berenjenos y perfiles para la construcción y prefabricado


Below we’ll see various models of chamfer strips and profiles that can be selected according to the work to be performed and where it is done.

Metal profiles

Triangular metal profiles of various sizes ranging from 7 mm to 30 mm, which are mainly used at precast concrete plants for making false joints or chamfered edges. They are used on large precast tables for precasting, moulds and formworks.

They are fastened by welding to the tables.

Berenjenos y perfiles para la construcción y prefabricado

PVC or Rubber Chamfer and Trapezoidal Strips

PVC chamfer strips that can be triangular, trapezoidal, curved, with a tail, without a tail, etc.
There are a wide variety of chamfer strip models available to cover any construction project. Due to the composition of these elements, they are resistant to the bleaches or solvents that could be found on a construction project, in addition to having certain flexibility that allows them to adapt to any corner.

They are fastened with glue or nails.

Berenjenos y perfiles para la construcción y prefabricado

Magnetized profiles or trapezoidal strips

Magnetized profiles cover the needs of the two preceding categories. They are made of high-quality steel and incorporate magnets. These magnets allow the positioning and fastening time to be drastically reduced, given that with the preceding models (despite costing less), a worker must spend a considerable amount of time on correctly positioning and fastening them.

Magnetized profiles do not have to be welded on tables, thereby considerably extending their useful life.

Berenjenos y perfiles para la construcción y prefabricado

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