Elements for shimming slabs, transport and work site safety

At MTT-MAXIM, we’d like to talk about these indispensable items on any construction project and mention why they are so important. We divide them into three categories, differentiated according to their functions.

The three categories are essential for safe and effective work and for an improved finished. We should highlight that all elements used for shimming, transport and safety at worksites or at precast plants are reusable, so we could say that they are 100% recyclable.

Wedges or shims

For what are wedges or shims of precast elements used?

>Wedges and shims for chocking or levelling are used when working on uneven ground and when you have to shim slabs, pillars, beams, walls or any precast element. Especially designed to have great compression strength.
Available in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses for any project.

Seguridad en el montaje de elementos prefabricados – MTT Maxim

Storage and transport of precast elements

How can you ensure the integrity of precast parts?

Precast concrete parts, just like all other materials, are affected by vibrations, friction or impacts during handling at the factory, on site or during transport.

These elements are especially designed to prevent damage during the entire process, beginning with the storage of slabs, beams, walls, etc., and subsequently during transport to a worksite for installation.

Almacenaje y transporte de elementos prefabricados

Safety elements

Do safety standards have to be complied with on any worksite?

Yes. At all worksites and factories, workers are exposed to a constant number of hazards, such as exposed rebar, areas without railings, changes in height, etc.

These risk factors are unavoidable. Therefore, regulations in force must be complied with, and safety elements must be used to improve visibility and enhance safety. These elements include rebar safety caps, post bases for the subsequent installation of guardrails, etc.

Risks are drastically reduced by correctly using these safety and signage elements on construction sites.

Elementos para la seguridad

Once again, MTT-MAXIM is committed to safety elements during assembly with products that improve the precast concrete and construction sectors, including a wide range of products that will achieve better finishes, increased safety and a final product with complete assurance.

Contact us and let our team of experts provide you with free and personalized advice and recommend the item that adapts the best to your project.

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