Machinery and consumable articles for concrete precast and construction


Machinery and auxiliary elements for precast concrete products.

They are particularly suitable to produce pavers, curb stones and slabs, as well as blocks, facing blocks, vaults and any other precast concrete peace.

Kraft Curing is the undisputed world leader in concrete curing systems.

Vertical shaft mixers provide an optimal performance to produce semi-dry concrete, offering significant advantages over other systems.

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MTT-MAXIM – Machinery and consumable articles

Past, present and future of construction

Precast concrete products reduce construction times and improve the quality of buildings. For this reason, they are the preferred option in modern construction.

At MTT MAXIM you will find a wide range of machinery and articles of consumption stock for construction companies and precast concrete elements, which allows us to react quickly to your requirements. Likewise, we work with and extremely extensive catalogue of machinery, molds and consumable articles, so we can supply you with an effective solution, whatever your needs may be.

On the other hand, at MAXIM, we have developed our own catalogue of machinery and products, looking at the maximum functionality and focussed on those countries who are now developing their construction activities.