Pushing Machine

Pushing machines are essential to handle the cable easily and safely, to extract it from the reels and to introduce it into the tracks or sheaths during post-tensioning.

Depending on the field of application, prestressed or post tensioning, on the working site or in the factory, there are different models of pushing machines:

  • Small electric pushing Machine
    Mainly used in the factory, to push the cable directly into molds, guide channels and reinforcements. Available in portable version or with height adjustable trolley.
  • Hydraulic pushing Machine
    Maily used in post-tensioning, for pushing cable over long distances, such as bridges, tanks, etc. Version with 4 or 6 pairs of rollers.
  • Electric pushing machine
    It is the electric version of the hydraulic pushing machine. Usually for post-tensioning and with 4 pairs of rollers. With great pushing force and high mobility.

Suministramos también gran variedad de accesorios para complementar en su uso, como el mando a distancia por radiofrecuencia, cuentametros, cortador hidráulico, desviador, etc.

Pushing Machine

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