Special strips for construction and precast factories

The steel chamfer -or triangular profile- is commonly used in construction and precast concrete plants to chamfer angles or make false joints.

Depending on the application, we have steel chamfers, plastic chamfers or even magnetized chamfers (magnetized profile in different shapes). For each type of special strips, we will use a different fixing method: welded, nailed, glued (with or without gun), or magnetized.

We have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, for each type of profile.

Steel chamfer / Metal profile

Steel chamfers or steel profiles is mainly used in precast concrete plants to chamfer angles or to make false joints.

The most common is the triangular steel profile and its most common application is in large tables for precast or molds and formwork, so these steel strips are usually welded for fixing. They can also be glued and even magnetized profiles can be supplied, which allow great flexibility as they can be easily repositioned.

Steel chamfers can be supplied in different sizes and shapes.

Plastic chamfer

Plastic chamfer is mainly used in construction, for chambering angles or making false joints, although it can also be used in precast concrete plants.

They are economical profiles, in a great variety of shaped and sizes. There are plastic chamfers with wing, without wing, straight, curved, trapezoidal, to nail, to glue…

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