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  • Formwork rods and other formwork accessories

    Formwork rods and other formwork accessories

    We supply all kinds of formwork accessories In the precast concrete sector formworks are systems of moulds or slabs designed [...]

  • Seguridad en el montaje

    Safety during the assembly of precast elements

    Elements for shimming slabs, transport and work site safety At MTT-MAXIM, we’d like to talk about these indispensable items on [...]

  • Berenjenos y perfiles para la construcción y prefabricado

    Chamfer strips and profiles for construction and precast concrete

    What are Chamfer Strips and Profiles used for? MODELS, MATERIALS AND FASTENING OF CHAMFER STRIPS AND PROFILES Below [...]

  • Vainas metálicas para cimentaciones, anclajes y estructuras prefabricadas

    Metal sheaths for foundations, anchors and prefabricated structures

    What are corrugated metal sheaths used for? Characteristics of the corrugated metal sheath Especially dsigned for connection [...]

  • 30/08

    Reinforcing clips and bars: How are they fitted?

    Differences between wire coils and reinforcing bars Reinforcement, in construction terms, is made up of linear parts or [...]

  • Maquinaria y consumibles para el pretensado

    Prestressing machinery and consumables

    At MTT-MAXIM we will show you how to achieve this with the PAUL range of prestressing machinery and consumables. [...]

  • Apoyos elastoméricos (neoprenos): remedio contra movimientos hormigón

    Elastomeric bearings (Neoprene)

    What are elastomeric bearings used for? Any concrete structure undergoes certain movements such as those caused by thermal expansion, [...]

  • 14/06

    Mould seals

    Here the new Mould seals brochure. More than 100 references so you can find the required joint for your [...]

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