Want to achieve the highest quality in precast parts and at the same time reduce production costs?

At MTT-MAXIM we will show you how to achieve this with the PAUL range of prestressing machinery and consumables.


Function of PAUL prestressing equipment

PAUL prestressing equipment is used to apply the necessary tension to the cable, forming the required active reinforcement in precast elements.

For which applications is it required? It is indispensable for the manufacture of any prestressed item, from small beams to roof trusses or bridge girders.

4 PAUL product families you should know about

  • Press, Jack or Monostrand Stressing Gun. They are used for the individual tensioning of cables or wire. We have a wide range of models available, with different tensioning forces and strokes. There are different types: from the simplest and most economical single-acting to the most sophisticated and efficient four-hose… All of them have the quality guarantee of the PAUL brand.

  • Hydraulic Unit or Pump. Optimal for adapting to the different presses available. They have different flow rates and powers. There are several possibilities, from compact portable equipment to high performance pumps, with pneumatic wheels and crane for effortless handling of the press.

  • Electric cable launcher. This is used to pass the cables to be tensioned inside the reinforcement and moulds, or simply along the tracks. As in the previous cases, there is a basic or more sophisticated version, adjustable in height, with different powers and thrust forces. They reduce the time and effort required to carry out this task with maximum efficiency.

  • Wedges, anchors and clamps. These are necessary to transfer and retain the tensioning force on the cable in daily production for any work carried out with concrete prestressing.

Exclusive advantages of the PAUL prestressing system

All cylinders, including the steel gripping cylinder and the support head for anchor nailing, are HYDRAULICALLY actuated.

Moreover, there is a leap in quality as far as the clamps are concerned:

  • One and the same clamp is suitable for tensioning different diameters of stranded wire/cable.
  • The gripping range is much greater.
  • The service life of the consumables (clamps) is increased, thus reducing replacement costs and time wastage.
  • Guarantees absolute reliability without slippage, extending the life of the wedges.

If you want to reduce production times and costs while increasing safety, you should choose PAUL prestressing machinery and consumables. The latest technology in the industry is reflected in higher quality and more efficient products with an unrivalled service life.

For further information on prestressing machinery or consumables, please contact us for a full guide with no obligation.

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