What are elastomeric bearings used for?

Any concrete structure undergoes certain movements such as those caused by thermal expansion, wind, road traffic, etc. Therefore, they require elements capable of absorbing or transmitting the loads, as are the elastomeric bearings.

The main composition of the elastomeric bearings is the Chloroprene. Depending on their function, they may or may not have steel plates on the inside, using a vulcanised system for their correct union.

Characteristics of elastomeric bearings

Commonly used between the abutments and the bridge deck, fulfilling their function of joining the structures and the support.

You will find that for each job to be done a different model will be used. Here are 3 examples of the many that you will find in our catalogue of neoprene or elastomeric bearings:

  • Unreinforced elastomeric bearings (used in buildings, not bridges or engineering structures).

  • Elastomeric bearings with two or more steel reinforcement plates (all types of structure).

  • Neoprene pads: Rolls of different thicknesses-lengths-widths (sealing joints, expansion joints, structural supports, shock absorbers).

Apoyos elastoméricos (neoprenos): remedio contra movimientos hormigón

These allow:

  1. Transfer of vertical and horizontal loads
  2. Rotation in different directions
  3. Horizontal displacements


For correct installation, you must ensure that they are mounted horizontally. The support surfaces must be horizontal, parallel to each other and flat. This avoids deformation when vertical loads are applied. As a general rule, elastomeric bearings should be installed without anchors and on a level surface with high pressure-resistant mortar.

Ideally, the surface should be rough and free of lubricating materials such as oil or grease.

Finally, the supports should be positioned in such a way that they can be easily replaced if necessary.


Due to a controlled manufacturing process and the use of high quality raw materials, the bearings do not require any maintenance. (EC)

Do you want to know more about the elastomeric bearings that we offer at MTT-Maxim? Each manufacturing series is carried out according to the measurements provided by the client, so we adapt to any need that may arise.

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