Like any other sector, the construction industry is constantly facing new developments and challenges that make needs change. That is why this month we would like to highlight the essential elements to be found on every construction site: steel reinforcing clips and bars.

Differences between wire coils and reinforcing bars

Reinforcement, in construction terms, is made up of linear parts or bars that are assembled together. To ensure a secure and robust assembly, wire coils were commonly used, which with the aid of pliers were cut and clamped together.

Both the repetitive action and the force required by this traditional method often resulted in injuries, wasted time and required specialised personnel.

Nowadays this process, in the vast majority of prefabricated works and factories, is replaced by the use of reinforcing bars or clips.

What are the advantages of reinforcing bars and how are they installed?

Some of the main functions of this consumable are to reduce the time it takes to set up the reinforcement and to provide greater safety and convenience, whether on site or in prefab plants.

But what do you need to do to install them correctly? They have to be installed by means of a section or tool called Barrafix, which with a single movement, compresses and coils the wire in a semi-automatic way. It is so quick and easy that once it has been carried out, traditional methods become a thing of the past.

Depending on the diameter of the reinforcement, use a wire of different lengths, making it possible to tie any reinforcement.

Once the wire is tensioned with the Barrafix, the two heads are automatically cut off leaving only the wire fixed to the reinforcement.

Steel clips, an alternative system for reinforcement fixing

Unlike the above method, MTT-MAXIM’s steel clips are an innovative system that does not require any tools, does not entail any risk and is very easy to use. It is placed with just two fingers, locking the bracket to the upright.

Depending on the diameter of the reinforcement, a greater or lesser length will be used, as they do not need to be cut or manipulated.

The quality of the material from which it is made guarantees the necessary robustness and therefore no unwanted slippage.

Want to know more about the steel reinforcing clips and bars we offer at MTT-MAXIM? We have a wide range of lengths available for all your jobs.

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