PAUL Multi-strand stressing jack

PPAUL multi-strand stressing jacks for the post-tensioning field are a worldwide reference, thanks to their quality and robustness proven for more than 60 years.

    This is the most common multi-strand stressing jacks for post-tensioning. It has the clamp holder located at the back, which allows the easiest access to the wedges. Tensioning forces range from 1,000 kN to 15,000 kN.
  • TENSA M – PV
    Unlike the previous ones, this multi-strand stressing jacks have the jaw carrier at the front. As a result, the cable overhang can be reduced and it can also be used on post-tensioning sites with smaller spaces.
    Where the above multi-strand stressing jacks cannot be used, other ones can be manufactured for special post-tensioning, with mechanical clamps, hollow plunger, lightweight construction, carbon fiber…

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