Wooden boards for mobile blockmachines

WASA wooden boards are renowned for their quality and reputation throughout the world. Quality is, in the case of wooden boards, the determining factor for a long life and optimum block quality throughout the entire service life.

Our product range includes solid plastic boards as well as softwood and polyurethane coated wooden boards.

WASA WOODPLAST® is an economical and technically developed symbiosis between the excellent high-performance WASA UNIPLAST® ULTRA board and the economical softwood board.

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With this variety of products, we can offer each customer a board suitable for their needs.

Wooden boards

  • Types of wood: red spruce / spruce or pine
  • Individual boards with multiple assemblies and glued joints
  • With 8 to 10 mm threaded rods with self-locking nuts
  • 2 to 3 mm C-profiles, riveted

  • Ground and impregnated on all surfaces


  • Extremely impact-resistant, break-resistant and flexural rigid
  • Optionally with hardwood or softwood core
  • Compact and seamless plastic surface
  • Galvanized C-profiles offer protection in the panel storage area
  • Lightweight

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