We are pleased to present the new range of MTT-MAXIM MAGNETS.

Why was it necessary? Increasing standards of quality and efficiency are being demanded for precast concrete products. Once again, we went ahead and decided to start an exclusive range for our brand, from scratch, using our own drawings and adding features that we have learned from our seventy-five years’ experience in the sector.

MTT-MAXIM has a wide variety of magnets and formwork systems specially designed for the precast concrete industry. These elements offer significant advantages, such as:

  • Reduced operating time
  • Superior work quality
  • Extra safety and comfort for the operator

In accordance with the needs of our customers, we offer various magnets and formwork systems. We will highlight 4 of them in this post.

Guía esencial sobre imanes y sistemas de encofrado para hormigón

Magnets and formwork systems for precast concrete MTT MAXIM

  • Ingot Magnet.
    This is a highly robust model. It now includes a stainless-steel casing for greater durability and safety. When it comes into contact with another magnet, they do not attract each other, so the risk is reduced during handling.
  • Box / Rapid Magnet.
    This is the most widely used model at present. The main features of this magnet are: reduced times, quick and versatile placement. All this is possible thanks to a mechanism that allows the magnet to be “hidden” so that it can be freely moved or removed. In addition, it has a stainless-steel housing and button.
  • Magnetic profiles.
    Fast and accurate positioning of joints, bevels, drip pins, etc. Maxim profiles are 100% magnetised, ensuring correct operation.
  • Magnetic accessories.
    The wide variety of systems available greatly simplifies and speeds up the work, such as the process of attachment to the tables or to the moulds that must be added to the parts already manufactured.

In addition to our own manufactured products, we also offer our experience, which we would be delighted to place at your service to advise you on each of your projects.

Please contact us for further information.

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